They say you want a resolution, well, you know…

ResolutionIf it is the last day of the year, then it must be time to rejoice in all of the things that were accomplished in the past year and make resolutions to do even more in 2014.

Or in my case, wonder how any of last year’s resolutions made it past January 15th.

Last weekend I pulled out a dusty piece of paper from my desk and I was surprised how many of my 2013 resolutions I was able to achieve:

1) Write daily – Well, with my work schedule this was probably a stupid resolution and I am sure it was the first to fall by the wayside. However, the point of this goal was to write more often and I can honestly say I accomplished that this year.

2) Read 10 books – I actually read 11.

3) Put two books/stories into print – Yes and no. I was thrilled to have my short story, “Rev,” included in the Manifesto UF anthology. I also signed a contract to publish “Dreams of Ivory and Gold” with Angelic Knight Press and that will arrive in April. I am going to count this as a half a point.

4) Finish writing “Jacked” – Completed the manuscript in April, final edits were done by July and the full manuscript is currently with an agent. I hope to know something definitive by the end of January.

5) Finish writing “Alpis” – No and yes. I not only did not finish Alpis, I never got past the research and outlining stages. However, I did complete three short stories-I never write shorts anymore-and two of them were accepted into anthologies. Again, one half-point.

6) Finish writing “City” – I have not completed the novel but it is outlined and I have about 30,000 words on paper. This work will have a first draft done by the end of January and hopefully be ready for marketing by late spring. Half a point.

7) Start sequel to “Dreams” – Nope.

8) Start sequel to “Jacked” – Nope.

So, out of eight possible points, I made it to four. Not exactly stellar but considering how little I have been able to write over the past three or four years, this was a very good year for putting words to paper. As I sit down later tonight to work on a new list for 2014, that is what I will try to keep in mind – that my goal is to continue to write and publish more every year. If you check back with the site next year, hopefully that is exactly what I will be reporting.

Have a safe and happy new year!

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