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Taro “Tar” Hutchins has a problem.

He is a fixer, one of a handful of people who can repair technology just by touching it.

That is a dangerous thing to be in the years following the crash of the Worldwide Mind, a super Internet, that left millions dead or nothing more than shells of humanity after plugging their brains wirelessly into the network. In the aftermath what passes for the government hunts down working technology and destroys the machines with religious zeal, killing the repairers who brought them back to life.

And Tar has caught their attention.

Now he is running for his life with his best friend, Toby, as they try to find the other fixers, avoid the men who shut down the Mind, and save the people who were mentally lost. But before Tar can do all that, he needs to grow up and realize his ability is more than just a neat trick placed into his hands.

It’s been a busy few days.