Over on Facebook, a new participation thread has been going around with authors sharing  from their work-in-process. With that in mind, from “Reset” starting on  page seven, seven lines beginning at line number seven. (I cheated a little and put it a little more than seven lines.)

“Some of the hair pulled out when I touched it, the skin was slipping but not loose … I’d say he’s been dead ten days.”

“Maybe a day more,” the tech said. “The air conditioning was cranked and had the room temperature down to about sixty degrees when we arrived.”

Rick turned to the desk and began pawing through the drawers. “Dead for almost two weeks. So where’s the peeper?” He closed the lap drawer and looked at the tech. The other man shrugged and turned up his empty hands.

Jim sighed. “And if he died while he was inside the game …”

“Then where’s the Becky?” Rick turned to his partner. “Where’s the intravenous line that fed the poor bastard and left the scars on his arm? Someone knew our vic was dead and cleaned up the room rather than call for help. Something besides the dead guy stinks here.”

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