The Dowland Cases

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RJ Dowland was the biggest name in gaming.

He invented the process for players to immerse into computer games, living as an avatar inside the virtual world. But the immersion left a percentage of players addicted to the impulses in their nerve endings, choosing to live inside the created worlds while their bodies wasted away. RJ became one of the addicted. Years passed and he weaned himself off the games, eking out a life as a socially-inept homicide detective with a partner who calls him names, an ex-wife who will not acknowledge him, and the choice of using other addictions to fight off returning inside the computer. But now the FBI has approached RJ because they are investigating a series of murdered gamers who ignored the government regulations and they need his game experience and knowledge to catch the killer. The agents ask him to risk rekindling his addiction and enter the computer world, putting his life in danger to chase an old nemesis from his past when he ruled the gaming world.

Now RJ is back inside a computer, trapped in a 1930s film noir world as a private detective searching for the killer while negotiating his way through the roscoes, dames, and twists. Every step he takes toward meeting his former enemy is haunted by one question: Even if he captures the killer, will he be able to pull himself away from a computer-generated world that is more fulfilling and feels more real than his life?

Quest Call – Book 2

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People are dying.

Terrorists attack innocent civilians around the world with precision and coordination on an unimaginable scale. Cities large and small are gripped with terror as the world’s intelligence agencies beat their heads against the wall, wondering how and where the groups are meeting to make their plans.

Detective Rick Dowland continues his assignment with the FBI, trying to balance his addiction to immersed virtual reality worlds and real life, feeling his grip slip more every day. With the serial killer Raven now behind bars, he prowls the streets in a 1930s noir world, The City, searching for criminals who are attempting to hide on the inside while keeping his promise to the woman who died saving his life.

But now, a fellow agent has been killed in a virtual world and his family attacked in real life, with all the clues pointing to the terrorists. Rick agrees to leave The City and enter the other game, hunting against the clock for answers before the terrorists strike again.

He only wishes someone had warned him the new virtual world was epic fantasy.

Gemini Divided – Book 3

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No single word sends more fear into the hearts of law enforcement and government organizations than to learn a device may be in play in a terrorist situation.

Detective Rick “RJ” Dowland is handling his beat for the FBI inside The City, an immersed virtual reality game. He is searching for Gwen Talbot, The Raven, an escaped serial killer who murdered long-term players for their money and to punish them as revenge for her dead brother. While on her trail, RJ hears about a man who may be planning to unleash a device upon an unsuspecting population in the real world. He manages to get close, but the man disappears from the game, brutally resetting a female player on his way out, an occurrence that has been happening across several games. With the safety of real people at stake, the detective leaves The City to join the hunt with other FBI agents.

Now RJ is chasing rumors of the device in the space opera game, Gemini Divided, flying around in beat up spaceships with smugglers, firing blasters, and landing in the middle of a civil war in a faraway galaxy. He might find the missing man and the device if he can help the rebellion win, but the more he learns about what is going on inside the game, the more he realizes the disappearing players may be the key to the mystery.

The Beach – Book 4

The Kindred: Reborn – Book 5

The City – Book 6